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Search engine optimization falls into two broad categories: onsite SEO and offsite SEO. Both are important for REAL SEO and better search rankings, not just a few keyword phrases sprinkled around your website content

You have probably heard the terms “onsite SEO” and “offsite SEO.” Both are SEO techniques.

Onsite SEO refers to changes to your actual website to improve its search engine ranking. This includes content that is visible to the visitors to your website as well as changes to the actual architecture of the site.

Onsite factors Include:

– Website data around your company name, address and phone number (NAP)

– Quality content that is relevant to web

– Locally specific information like geocoordinates, driving directions and an embedded Google map.

Offsite SEO refers to elements on other internet locations that have an effect on your website’s rankings on the search engines.

Offsite factors include:

– NAP consistency and correct categories on third party sites like Google My Business

– Citations with complete and consistent local listings (hours of operation, photos, product descriptions) on local directories

– Links to your website from credible websites with authority (PR Ranking)

– Reviews

– Off site blogs.

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Margaret Savoy
Author Margaret Savoy

Margaret is the marketing lead for Local MarketPlace. She has over 14 years experience in local business marketing, spanning website design, search engine optimization and much more. Certified on the SharpSpring platform, Margaret now focuses on integrating marketing automation into our clients businesses, both big and small.