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Why is Local MarketPlace Different?

I know you’ve been contacted by marketing companies, lead generation companies, and SEO companies from all over the world, all promising you the holy grail. The problem is that often they don’t work at all, or they were inefficient and wasteful with your money, not producing the results you expected. So, how are we different? We know the most important thing for your business is to have customers calling you directly to hire you for your services and/or goods that you provide. So we focus all of our efforts on that goal. We don’t simply run through a list of techniques and hope for the best, we constantly monitor the impact of our efforts against the main goal – more customers calling your business. Marketing and SEO companies often just sell you their service, whether it’s optimizing your website, building you landing pages, handling your social media, running online ads for you, and more. We use a variety of marketing and SEO techniques that have been successful in generating exactly what you want and need, more customer calls.

Lead Generation companies will sell you these customer calls directly. That may be a good option for you, but there are drawbacks to this approach as well. The larger lead generation companies like Home Advisor, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, Porch, etc. often do not send the leads directly to you. The customer fills out a form on their website, and you are then sent the lead information to follow up. This lag time often results in lost customers, not to mention that these same leads are also sent to several of your competitors. You will be paying for old leads, leads where they are just contractor shopping, etc. In general, not a very efficient use of your marketing dollars. Additionally, by simply paying for leads, you are not building any assets. You will have to continue to pay for leads as long as you are looking for customers from external sources.

We build up assets that are yours to keep. As time progresses, these assets become more powerful and result in more and more direct customer calls. In summary, why us vs other Marketing/SEO companies or Lead Generation companies? Our goal is your goal, to get more customers calling your business directly.

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