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Wayne Ivey SEO St TammanyAn Interview with Wayne


What do you love most about your job?

I really love to build a business or to be part of helping someone else build a business. What’s great about my job is the fact that it gives me the opportunity to truly partner with people so that I can help them to achieve their goals. I have the opportunity to understand what they want to accomplish, and then can apply proper technology solutions to help them grow and prosper in the areas that are important to them. I succeed when they succeed!

What inspired you to start Local MarketPlace?

After Hurricane Katrina, I needed to get back to work and I took inventory of myself. There I was, at age 49, bored and inactive. (My wife says I’m at my best when I’m too busy. LOL) I hadn’t worked for anyone else since my early 20’s, so working for someone else was not really an option. (I’d probably make a lousy employee.) So, I asked myself 3 questions:

1) What are my skills and experience? :

30+ years of sales/marketing/advertising and applying technology to business issues.

2) What is my passion? :

Growing a business or helping another to grow a business.

3) Where is there a need? :

Medium and smaller businesses that need help marketing their business to their market area but are busy running their business on a daily basis or don’t have the skills and experience to do this themselves.

Thus, Local MarketPlace was born.

Why should people choose Local MarketPlace?

I and my team are very skilled at applying proper Digital Marketing techniques to a wide range of businesses. We are accountable and back this up by providing our clients with monthly performance reports, so that they can see the results we are achieving for them.

We don’t put our clients under a long term contract. They can cancel at any time. If we don’t produce, we get fired and I hate getting fired!