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Using best practices for SEO will help your business website rank better with Google.

Customers are looking for you on Google and other search engines. What are you doing to increase your chances of being featured on page 1 of the search results? These methods will help you get there.

Google has a Search Engine Optimization Starter Kit that outlines methods and techniques to boost SEO for your business website. Here are a few tips:

1. Use MetaTags – Each page on your website should have a unique HTML title tag. Think of these as a unique address for each page. This makes each page identifiable both to website visitors and the search engines. These titles should be short, usually between 50 and 60 characters.

2. Use simple website addresses (URLs
) – These should be straightforward and content-rich, not a random assortment of numbers and letters.

3. Ease of Navigation – Design your website based around a logical system. Use a sitemap with a root page, categories and subcategories. This is best for both visitors and the search engine spider bots. And, put the pages in the navigation bar in the order that is important to your visitor’s priority and comfort. (Ex. Home, About Us, Services, Tips/FAQs, Contact)

4. Content Is King – Original, complete and unique (not copied) text on the website can’t be stressed enough. This information should be optimized for the search engines. Content that is of value engages visitors and helps to turn them into customers.

Lastly, due to it’s technical nature, this can seem confusing, time consuming and, a bit intimidating. Don’t hesitate to consult with an SEO expert.

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