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Our Integrated Approach to Website Design

Your Website Should Showcase Your Business, Convert Visitors, and be Search Engine Optimized

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Many new website owners do not understand the importance of a properly designed website. If your new website is poorly designed, it can make a bad impression on your visitors thus turning away potential customers. Whereas if a website is designed properly it will attract new visitors and guide them into becoming clients. A well designed website is thus a very powerful marketing tool for your business.

Our website designers strive to create a website that is appealing to visitors, provides them the necessary information about your business in an easily navigable website, guides them to either contact you or purchase from you, and attracts new visitors via a search engine friendly design. We use WordPress as our main website development platform, which gives you and us an easy interface to make ongoing updates and keep the content fresh, which is an important part of search engine optimization.

Connecting with your customers and potential customers online is a vital part of your company’s success. Local MarketPlace understands the vital role that your website has for your company, and we strive to create a website that not only captivates your visitors but inspires them to do business with you!

In a short amount of time, Local MarketPlace turned our ideas into a professional working website. All of the problems we had, he was quickly able to solve. We are delighted with the result and highly recommend Wayne and his crew.

Richard S.

Custom Website Design for Your Business

It’s Easy!

Your website will be totally turnkey. You don’t have to build it, maintain it, host it, optimize the code for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo; or design and set up the marketing to drive local customers to it. We do that for you. After all, your website is supposed to be a tool to bring you more profitable business, not take you away from making money.

It’s Affordable!

Typically, having a custom website of this caliber would cost $2000, or more, plus the additional costs to have it hosted, maintained, optimized for search engines, and future updates. We do all of this at a much lower cost!

It’s Effective!

We offer complete, professional websites that will showcase your company and enhance not just your image and professionalism, but it will be a valuable and effective tool to bring you more business.

Why Local MarketPlace for Your Website Design

We understand that a website’s design should be both appealing to the human visitor and optimized for the search engine software. At times, these dual needs can conflict. At Local MarketPlace we have the experience necessary to resolve these conflicts and create websites that both rank well in the search engines and convert well with human visitors.


We Build Websites that are:

Within Your Budget: Our goal at Local Marketplace is to provide an affordable web design that reflects the image of your company.

Easy to Manage: We design our websites to be secure, easy to manage, and flexible to accommodate growth. Our websites are built in WordPress, making it easy to update and maintain.

Delivered on Time: We provide excellent customer service. Before starting on your website, we listen to your needs, then design a website aimed at your target audience. With our experience we are able to accomplish this in a timely fashion and always in the time that we have agreed to.

Compatible Across Devices: We build responsive websites, meaning that they are visually appealing and functional across multiple devices including PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. A large portion of internet users search for businesses from their phones or tablets. Your website needs to be appealing and functional to these users.


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