Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about SEO, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing and Integrated Marketing Services.


What exactly is SEO?

It is rather difficult to precisely describe and define SEO, since it is constantly changing and evolving every day. SEO today could be defined as the set of actions necessary to ensure that your business/website is found on the Internet when someone searches for it within Google and the other search engines as well as on Facebook or Youtube.

Is SEO still effective?

Yes, SEO is still very effective. More and more customers are turning to the Internet to research products and services offered by your business. It is now more vital then ever for your business’ success to ensure that you can be found easily on the Internet, and ahead of your competition! SEO has proven to be the most cost-effective form of online marketing, producing the greatest ROI for the client.

How Long Will it Take to Rank my Site on the First Page of Google?

This time will vary depending upon many factors, such as the competitiveness of the keyword chosen, the age of the domain, the strength of your competitor’s websites, and many more factors. We will work within the constraints of your budget to achieve first page ranking as quickly as possible. Some of our clients have seen incredible results within the first few weeks of starting SEO with us, and for some clients it can take several months or longer.

I Can't Find my Site in the Search Engines. How Can I Tell if my Site is Even Indexed by the Search Engines?

When first starting out, you may not be ranking in the top 10 or so pages in the search engines, so you may get tired of scrolling through page after page to see if Google even knows your site exists. Especially for brand new sites, or sites that have gone through a major update including new page names, it may take a few days or longer for Google and the other search engines to find your site. In order to tell if they have indexed your website, which means they know you exist, go to the search bar and type in, and press search. So for example, for our site, I would type in and Google or Bing or Yahoo would return all of the pages in your site that they have indexed.

What Does your Ongoing SEO Services Entail?

We continually assess the rankings and traffic to your website, and adjust our SEO efforts accordingly. We perform a number of ongoing SEO promotional activities each month. Without giving away our proprietary process, I’ll summarize our ongoing activities. We make sure that your website is as optimized as possible, making changes to the content, meta tags, images, and other factors as appropriate. We work with the client to develop valuable content, then use this content on the website and around the web to enhance the authority of your website. We also continually develop new external links to your website, as well as other activities.

Is SEO Strictly Focused on the Search Engine Robots?

Well the search engine robots are an important factor, and our SEO efforts do try to cater to these robots as much as possible, that is how you increase your rankings. However, our efforts are not focused solely on them. We realize that the results of pleasing the search engine robots is that real people will then find your site. We strive to drive these visitors to engage in your website and lead them all the way through to conversion.

I'm redesigning my website. Should I get an SEO service before or after the work is complete?

A very critical time for a website is during the initial design or redesign. Search engine optimization factors should be considered when designing/redesigning the website. Many companies have launched new websites and saw their ranking tank shortly thereafter. Calling on an SEO expert during the redesign process is the best way to ensure that your site will not lose it’s ranking, traffic, and sales. Unless your design firm is also an experienced SEO company, you shouldn’t rely on their expertise.

My website's ranking is bouncing around, why is it doing that?

When a site is new to the rankings, or at least new for a particular keyword, it will bounce around a bit while Google finds the right position for the site. They are essentially testing where the site should rank, looking at the number of clicks in a particular position at a certain day and time, comparing it to other sites at the same day and time. If your site performs well in a new position, then it will likely stay in that position or even rise in ranking. 

Why does my site change ranking when I look it up on my computer vs my spouse's computer?

Google implements a feature called personalized search and is based on the search history associated with the computer you are using. You probably look for more things related to your industry than your spouse does, so Google will try to display the results they think are most relevant because of your search behavior.

What happens if I stop the ongoing SEO service?

Initially, you may not see much of a change to your rankings and your website traffic, however over time, you will see both of these start to decrease. You can consider the SEO work an upward line graph showing continual activity. When the line graph flattens out, you will likely start seeing a decrease in your website’s rankings.  SEO in the long term pays for itself with increased traffic, increased conversions, and increased sales and can also help you expand your business.

Website Design FAQs

How Many Pages Will my Site Need to be?

It depends on the need of your business. Every business’ needs are different. We will discuss your needs and your goals and then determine how many pages your website requires. We have some clients with sites consisting of just a handful of pages and others whose sites are over 100 pages.

Will my site look the same for everyone, regardless of what device they are using to access my site?

Some website elements will look different depending on what browser and screen resolution the person is using. We try to factor that into the design and preview the website in several browser types and resolution settings before publishing.

We also develop what is called responsive designed websites. Our websites are made to look differently to those using smartphones or tablets, rather than a PC or Mac. This is so that the website is more usable for a mobile device user.

My Business is not Located in your City, Can You Still Develop my Website?

Yes we can. With email, phone calls and other forms of communication we can get all of the information we need in order to develop your website. We have developed websites for clients around the country.

How Long Will it Take to Complete my Website?

Generally, we will complete your website within two weeks of receiving the required information from you on the website. We will start on the design right away, and will complete the site when all of the information is received.

Integrated Marketing FAQs

How Many Social Media Sites Should I Use?

There are hundreds of social media sites out there, and it would be impossible and impractical to use all of them. It is generally more effective to use just a few sites and if you want to have accounts at other sites that you use occasionally, that’s fine. You want to focus on building up your profile and reputation on any given site, therefore it is much more realistic to achieve this when you’re using a small number of sites consistently.

How do I get my Customers and Others to Follow Me?

You need to give them a reason more than just “Please Follow Me”. You need to provide them with a good reason, show them the value in following you on Social Media. Maybe there is a lot of interest in one of your products or services. You can ask them to follow you for the latest updates on that product or service, or follow you to receive exclusive discounts on product or service X. For restaurants, this is easy. If providing a good reason doesn’t work then you can always turn to pure incentives. Create a contest or offer something in return for their like or follow, such as a new iphone app or a new ebook or whatever is appropriate for your business.

What is Video Marketing

We Define Video Marketing as the creation of videos about your business, your products, or your services, then optimizing the video with relevant key words or phrases so that it will be easily found in online searches. The video is then uploaded to YouTube and/or other video sites that receive a lot of traffic. These videos can also be displayed on your website as appropriate. The videos serve to answer customer and potential customer questions, position your business as an authority in your field, as well as to promote certain products or services.

Why is Video such a useful medium to use on Websites?

These facts can help answer that question.

  1. Over 80% of visitors stay on websites longer and take more actions after viewing a video!
  2. Video engages the human senses and emotions better than photos and written text found on websites of the past.
  3. Video has been proven to connect more quickly to prospects by enabling the user to “See, Hear and Feel” your personality and your message as you begin the process of creating trust and building a business relationship.
How Do I Get the most out of my Videos?

When creating a video either for your website or for YouTube, you should perform these steps to get the most use out of these videos.

What is your goal? Video marketing is all about first understanding your goal. Whether your goal is to introduce a new product, launch a new business, or introducing yourself to prospects, your goal drives the type of videos you create.

Who is your Target? The more you can accurately define the ideal client you are trying to attract the more your video can be tailored to be relevant and attract them to you. Your audience also helps identify the best distribution channel for your video to create that emotional connection to your future client.

What is your Message to your Market? The more precise your message and your call to action, the more impact your video will create, resulting in higher conversion rates and more sales.

Is it better to rent/ buy an email marketing list or to create it by myself?

It is definitely better to create your own list. You can start with your list of customers. Ask them for their email addresses at the point of purchase. You can also collect email addresses from potential customers who visit your website. The most effective way to collect these email addresses is to offer them an incentive, such as a free e-book on your niche or a discount coupon.

Is Email Marketing still effective?

Since the FCC created strict rules for SPAM as well as the increased capability of email programs to filter out SPAM email, many people have reduced the overall amount of email they receive. Unless they opt in to many email lists, they likely get a limited number of emails. If they opt in to your list, then they want to receive email from you. The average open rate for permission based email marketing is 27.5% and the average CTR for permission based email marketing is 7.2%. If you use a properly designed email campaign, then you should see this level of Opens and Click Throughs.

A properly designed email campaign includes a balance of informational only emails and sales emails. You need to provide good content to your list to gain their trust, then ask for sales.

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