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Parish: St. Tammany

Post St Tammany Parish promotes itself with an extensive year-round advertising campaign!

Employers – Job postings on are the most effective way to reach LOCAL QUALIFIED CANDIDATES. Jobs posted on get significantly more high quality applications in the North Shore area than any other site. Post your job today and it will be available to thousands of local qualified job seekers for the next 30 days.

Does using cost anything? Our services are free for job seekers. You can browse and apply for job listings at no charge.

Do Employers see my email address? YES! Make sure your email address is appropriate for an employer to view. That means the email you register with us, is the email the employer sees.

Can I change my email address after I create an account? We use the email address with which you register to keep track of your account. It is also the address we use to notify you of new opportunities and happenings. If you would like to change your email, you must email us with your old email and the email you’d like to change to. We will assume that you’d like your password to remain the same. If not please supply us with the password you would like to update your account with as well.

How do I unsubscribe from your services? You need to email us with your email address that you have registered and we will unsubscribe you.

Why are some jobs highlighted? The jobs that are highlighted are to catch your attention. Employers can upgrade to a bold/highlight on their ads so they will get more response for their posting.

Why are some jobs posted as confidential? There are many reasons why a company will post confidential. We cannot tell you the name of the company if you ask.

I lost my password! How can I get it? This is easy. we will mail your password to you.

How do I know if the job has been filled? Typically if the position is no longer open, the Employer will either retire the job themselves or ask us to retire it. Our ads run for 30 days so just because it’s an older ad, doesn’t mean the job has been filled.

Why do I keep getting sent to a blank screen after I hit the “apply for this job” link? You need to have a resume saved in your account in order to apply for jobs. There is a step by step on how to add a resume in the job seekers FAQS.

There is no APPLY link on a job ad, why? Some Employers have special directions they want you to follow to apply for the job. You need to make sure you are reading the ENTIRE ad, to be sure you know how to apply for the position and if you are qualified for the job.

Can I just post a resume? We offer employers the opportunity to find you through our resume database.

How do I add my resume to the resume manager? To add your resume, please follow these steps:

(Please locate your resume on your computer and have it open but minimized), Log in to your account using your email and password. Click resume manager, Click on Add Resume, Minimize the website and open your resume, Copy your entire resume and minimize the document, Maximize the website and place your cursor in the resume field, Paste your resume. You will most likely have to manually format it by using the backspace, enter and space buttons. Remember to spell check the document, Title your resume in the resume title field, Click add resume, You will now be brought back to the manage resume page. You are finished.

What about a cover letter? When applying online for a position, you will have the option each time you hit APPLY for this job, to attach a plain text (ASCII) cover letter. Follow the instructions just as you would for your ASCII resume. You will be able to change your cover letter to pertain to each position you are applying for.

Can I have more than one active resume? No, our system does not support more than one “active” resume at a time. Employers search the resumes by keyword, so make sure your “active” resume has all the keywords that you’d like to have Employers find you with.

What is an ASCII resume? An ASCII resume is a plain text resume that can be opened without using a word processor like Microsoft Word. Many employers prefer plain text as it is easier to store in databases and retrieve for later use.

Will my resume look the same as it does in a Word Document? No! Since we store resumes as text-only and do not allow HTML, all special formatting from a Word document will be lost. Make sure you check your resume once it is added to see that it is formatted properly.

Will all employers see my resume or just the employers I’ve applied for? I don’t want my current employer to know I’m looking for a job? When applying make sure that you UNCHECK the box in your resume manager that says : Check to make this resume searchable to employers also when applying to the job once you have hit the APPLY link your resume and cover letter page will come up once again, make sure you UNCHECK the box that says: Check here to make my resume searchable by employers (above the cover letter field ) That way your resume doesn’t save in the resume database.

How do I update my resume? To update your resume, log into your account using your registered email and password. Go to your resume manager Click on view/edit if the resume is active Make any changes in the resume Then click update Your active resume will now be updated

How can I see what I have sent an Employer and How do I know an Employer received my resume?

When you are logged into your account, on the left-hand side of the page, you will see “applied jobs” click on that link and it will show you all the jobs you have ever applied to and what you sent into each specific Employer.

I submitted my resume and haven’t heard anything, why? There can be many reasons that an Employer doesn’t get back to you. From our experience, employers have so many resumes to go through they will only respond to resumes in which they are interested.

Can I submit things other than my resume and cover letter to Employers? Employers expect only serious job seekers to apply through If you are not a job seeker and try to solicit employers through our site, we will delete any communication that is not approved. Our employers are encouraged to let us know if they are solicited through the site.

How do I change my resume to a current one I’ve revised? In your resume manager under the ‘non active resumes’, you will see the title of the resume that you want active, just to the right of that you will see edit/ make active. Click on ‘make active’ and it will automatically make that selected resume active. is a part of the network of locally focused job sites. We pride ourselves in offering easy to use, cost effective solutions for employers and job seekers in our local communities. We welcome and appreciate any feedback you may have. Please email simple, effective, affordable.

For Customer Support and Sales Contact: Phone: 800-208-1319

All other inquiries Contact:
Eric Swanson

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