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Real Estate Video Marketing

The Google/NAR study tells us that 85% of buyers and sellers prefer to work with a real estate agent who uses video to market their properties. With only about 15% of realtors using video, that gives a huge advantage to those who do use video. Are you one of these smart agents?


People like video. A potential customer will spend more time on your site when there is video, increasing the likelihood of a conversion. The average web user will spend about 48 seconds on a typical website, while that same user will spend close to 6 minutes on a website with video. If your agency/agent website and individual property websites include video, your visitors are likely to stay longer, and hence are more likely to convert into a lead. According to a study by domain.com, properties that are listed with video, generated four times the number of quality leads than those without video. That’s a huge advantage!


Using video also helps your properties and your agency website rank higher in the search engines, thus increasing visibility of your properties. According to Forrester Research, it is 50 times easier to rank on Page 1 of Google with video. Google owns Youtube, and hence gives videos higher rankings. These page 1 listings will also stand out more. On a Google Results page, the picture of the video will stand out, whether it is in position 1 or 10. A user’s eye is drawn towards this image, making them more likely to click on the video, than any of the other listings on the page. Therefore you only need to get the video on Page 1 to see higher click throughs.


Using Video Marketing for your hard to sell or high end properties, just makes sense. Home buyers will get a better feel for the property before they even see it, increasing the chances that they will ask for a showing. Some people have even sold properties sight unseen, solely on the video alone. Though that is not the norm, video is a powerful medium to help sell your properties.


Creating and marketing your real estate videos is our specialty, contact us today to learn more!